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The issue of gun violence has reached a tipping point for me, if not for the victims families, and the millions of Americans who mourn the loss of 20 school children, and 8 adults during a tragic shooting in an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.


This year alone, we have had multiple tragedies akin to today’s, such as the Colorado Theater shooting claiming the lives of 12,  while injuring 58 other civilians, the Oikos University Shooting in Oakland where 7 were slain, the Wisconsin Gurudwara Shooting resulting in the deaths of 6 citizens, and several others.

We can also recall more horrific incidents, like the Arizona shooting which claimed the lives of 19 people, and critically wounded Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, and of course the haunting memory of the Virginia Tech massacre, claiming the lives of 56 civilians.


The Second Amendment Right to bear arms has always been an extremely controversial topic of debate, and a heightened source of political taboo in the United States.

In fact, a significant population of gun owners uphold the belief that giving up their guns means giving up their freedom.

That is not however the case, and we must remember, these are different times we live in.

We have abolished slavery and neither is there a civil war brewing in the United States.

Meanwhile, we must acknowledge the proud history and tradition behind the gun culture, and seek to understand the echoes of concern from pro-gun activists, when more and more constituents of America raise their eyebrows concerning this matter.

Factions like the NRA, a closely knit GOP, and major political lobby and support groups continue to defend our nations Second Amendment Rights vehemently.

In all honesty, there exists a political and legislative deadlock with regards to the gun issue, where all parties involved chose to act through inaction.


There have been multiple incidents of mass gun violence in the United States, which begs the question on why the Obama administration, which has been extremely progressive and reformative in all around politics ranging from gay rights to revamping the Healthcare system, clearly avoids tackling the gun issue.

President Obama’s record in the past indicates he has openly voted for Gun control, but in his first bid for the United States presidency, he quickly developed a more adept political outlook, as he tasted the bitter and almost unanimous opposition of gun owners.

Being a shrewd politician, and probably one of the best in the business,  we must not let his rhetoric on guns fool us, even for a second.

Like most previous presidents and members of the GOP and the Democratic party, President Obama also operates under the conventional wisdom that tackling the issue of Guns is political suicide.

America is evolving, and if we intend to curb the increasing rate of gun violence in the United States, then we as a people need to collectively pressure and simultaneously assure President Obama of our aspirations.

Most major news networks and leading publications in the United States, yearn for the display of vigor and direct action by the current administration, in resolving the gun violence that haunts our ghettos, streets, malls, theaters, college campuses, and now sadly, even elementary schools.

Politics needs to abandon its fear of tackling the Gun issue, and must re-instill faith in our democratic process, and hold accountable those that disregard it.


Why are assault weapons even legal in some states, and why does one feel the need to possess a gun?

Has anyone considered a gun free society?

What if we enforced the strictest of laws on anyone with illegal firearms, and both major parties came together to finally end this unnecessary violence, which is a direct result of open and easy access to guns.

Personally, I would feel much safer in a society where no one owned a gun as opposed to everyone having one.

What if GOP members like Newt Gingrich were to be elected, President?

Looking back at his address during the NRA convention, he proposed a radical vision of a gun free global society. 

Well, no thank you Sir, but the United States already has the highest civilian gun violence rates in the world, and I don’t believe any rational person wants rebels and terrorists in Africa and the Middle East obtaining easy and open access to guns.

Furthermore, how can we be assured that a gun owner, who has the cleanest criminal record, and is in the best mental and physical health, is always going to make the right choice.

Gun owners are also human beings, and we all know humans err. We all do.

What assurance do you and I have that gun owners will always behave rationally in the face of adversity, while undergoing personal and professional hardships?


Referring back to the Trayvon Martin case or the recent Jordan Davis case which clearly reeks of racial antagonism; we can draw numerous speculations regarding legislation pertaining guns in our everyday society.

If I understand correctly, in Florida, the Stand-your-ground laws ensures that any person can incite, ignite, aggravate and even assault another person, but if that other person does react which is normal in the case of human beings, then the person who initially instigated the confrontation, is by law allowed to shoot and even kill the attacker in the name of self defense.

That is the society we live in these days, and honestly, how safe do Americans feel after today’s tragedy?

I am not arguing for an absolute positive solution on the issue pertaining gun violence, because like all evils in society guns can be illegally acquired, or fall into the wrong hands.

In the broader scheme of things, I am proposing that every citizen of the United States of America come together and pressure the Obama administration and your respective congressional representatives, to take direct action on guns, gun rights, and gun control.

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